If I stay

Inbal Harel

The summery of the plot

"If I Stay" is a short novel by the author Gayle Forman. The story is about Mia- a cellist in a musican's family. Mia and her family had a car exident, and only Mia stayed alive. In one day, Mia tells to the readers about all her history with her boyfreind, her parents, her best friend, her brother and more. I'll tell about Mia's relationships with them later.

The story starts with the car exident. Mia is injured and she walks, like a goast in the hospital. She see her family and friends, she see how the doctors tell to her grandfather and grandmother that her brother died and she has to decide: live or die.

Mia uses her memories in order to decide if she will lie or die.

Mia tells as about her life, the difficulties but also the good things. In order to illustrate her family life i will add part of the movie.

Mia's memory oכ the best day in her life:

If I stay - Today (Best day of my life)

The charecters


Mia is seventeen years old. She is very tallented cellist and music, is way of life for her.

She is a shy girl and her favorite type of music is a classic music. She feels diffrent in her family. Her parents and brother love rock music and they arn't shy. Sometimes this diffrents annoying Mia and somethims she loves them.

Mia's life are full of choices, one of them is:

Mia tried to get into a very exllusive university but if she will be recived she will have to decide: stay with her love- Adam or leave to New York for her dream- the music.

the second is to live or die, on the one hand, all her family died and she fills that she can't live any more. on thr other hand, she has Adam, Kim and her grandmother and grandfather and she can stay with them.

At the end of the book Mia decide to stay alive.

This is Mia's audition to the university

Chloë Moretz playing cello (If I Stay)


Adam is Mia's boyfriend. He is a guitar player and he is older than Mia.

He fell in love with her when he saw her played with her cello. Mia is very important fo him and he is ready to sacrifice for her everything. Sometimes Mia felt uncomtable with Adam's shows and friends becuase they were completly difrent from her, but Adam thaught that she can be herself and his friends love her like she is.

Mia and Adam had a big fight because Adam didn't wand that Mia will leave in order to learn in the univercity.

This video shows what Adam tells to Mia befor she wakes up:

If I Stay Ending


Teddy is Mia's little brother. He is a smart boy, and he has a strong and close relainship with Mia. He know what to tell her when she sad or angry. After the exident he was Mia's last hope because he was steal alive for few hours. When he died, Mia lost all her hopes.
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Kim is Mia's best friend. she is also seventeen years old and she and Mia are friends a lot of years. In the book, the auther tells us how they met and become triends and the problems that Kim has with her mother. those things are not mentioned in the movie.
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My opinon on the book

I love this book because some resons. The first, is because Mia and her family are musicans and it makes me conect to the book because I am a musican too.

The second is because Mia is a teenager and she has problems that any teenager has' and I love books that talk about teenagers. When I read the book I was so exited and I want to read it again. I think that we can learn from this book about choosing between optoins, about being diffrent, and about love and friendship. Although it is not realistic, I like that Mia can choose if she live or die, she can choose her future.

I think that teenagers will like the book because the intresting plot and the lovely charecters, and I recommend to read this book and also to watch the exelent movie.