Harriet Breecher Stowe

By: Haley Kenser

Harriet Stowe

Harriet Stowe, was an American abolitionist and an author. Harriet Stowe spoke powerfully against slavery. Stowe, the daughter of Conneticut minister Lyman Beecher, moved to Ohio when she was 21. There Harriet met fugitive slaves and learned about the cruelties of slavery. The Fugitive Slavery Act greatly angered Stowe. Then, Stowe decided to write a book that would educate northerners about the realities of slavery. Harriet called the book " Uncle Tom's Cabin." Harriet Stowe and the abolitionists kinda had something in common like they both wanted slavery to end.

Uncle Tom's Cabin

The book Uncle Tom's cabin is about African Americans under slavery. This novel was published in 1852. The main character, a kindly enslaved African American named Tom, is taken from his wife and sold "down the river" in Louisiana. Tom becomes the slave of cruel Simon Legree. In a rage, Legree and Tom beaten to death. This novel electrified the nation and sparked outrage in the South. Within a decade, more that 2 million copies of Uncle Tom's Cabin has been sold in the United States. The book's popularity caused one northerner to remark the Stowe and her book had created "two millions of abolitionists."

Passage from Uncle Tom's Cabin

"And now," said Legree, "come here, you Tom. You see, I telled ye I didn't buy ye jest for the commonwork; I mean to promote ye, and make a driver of ye; and to-night ye may jest as well begin to get yer

hand in. Now, ye jest take this yer gal and flog her; ye've seen enough on't to know how."

I beg Mas'r's pardon," said Tom; "hopes Mas'r won't set me at that. It's what I an't usedto, -- never did, -- and can't do, no way possible." "Ye'll larn a pretty smart chance of things ye never did know, before I've done with ye!" said Legree, taking up a cowhide, and striking Tom a heavy blow cross the cheek, and following up the infliction by a shower of


The Selling of The Book

The book Uncle Tom's Cabin will be available to purchase after the speech is over about Harriet Stowe. The book will cost $25.00 if you would like to purchase it.

Harriet Breecher Stowe

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