Are team for the March Madness

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Map of where SMU is

Above is where SMU is on the United States map.
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SMU campus

This is a picture of what the SMU campus is like and what it looks like.
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SMU mascot

This is the SMU mascot which is a stallion there was many versions of this horse and some where ranked and some where the best mascot in the U.S.
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History of SMU

Some facts about SMU is there colors are red and blue. There current mascot is Peruna IX and there are 8 other horses that where mascots for the mustangs. They have won 14 conference championships. They have won 1 Conference Tournament Championships. They have won 10 NCAA tournaments. There record is 27-10 in 2013-2014. There head coach is Larry Brown. There all time record is 1,244-1,176 (98 seasons).