The Ghost Twins

Mary Downing Hahn, 1994 by Mary Downing Hahn, 165

Character Description

The characters for my novel are Hannah, Aunt Blythe, Andrew, mom, dad, grandfather Theo, Hannah, Andrew and Edward. Hannah, Andrew and Theo are related.Mom and dad are the parents of Drew(main Character). Aunt Blythe is the daughter of grandfather.Hannah has brown hair is about 14 years old. Theo has brown hair brown eyes and is 10 years old. Mom and dad have both brown eyes, brown hair and are about 35-37 years old. Grandfather has black hair blue eyes and Aunt Blythe has brown eyes and hair. My main Character is Andrew. He has brown hair, brown eyes.

Plot Summary

The book is a kid being sick and then meets someone named Andrew but calls him Drew for short.They meet and switch places and face challenges. Andrew parents were going to Paris and left Andrew with his Aunt Blythe and grandfather. That same night Andrew went to the attic and found out that Andrew was a ghost that used to live there. The climax was when Drew had to go meet Edward at this place that meant that he was supposed to jump off this rock and into a river. Edward was yelling at Drew and lost control and fell off the rock. When he fell it looked like he was drowning and so Drew sucked it up and fell in the water to safe him. Drew got the hang of Edward got out then 5 minutes past and Edward told Drew that he didn't need saving. Drew got mad because he got brave and saved him. Edward was yelling at him and Drew started punching him and kicking him. After all of that happened Drew and Theo go home and whipped by Theo's dad and Drew tried hard not to cry, like last time. At the end Andrew told Drew that the only way he could go back home he was supposed to win in the game called Marbles. Eventually Drew won the game and fainted, a few minutes later Drew found himself in Andrew's bed. He got to say goodbye to Andrew's family, at the end Drew finds out that his grandfather hates him because he thinks that he is Andrew, which he hates and grandfather is Edward!!! Aunt Blythe gets a letter from Hannah that says that she is coming t visit on Wednesday. The next day Drew is waiting for Hannah and Andrew they see a car that is riding into their parking lot and they have dinner together. That's the end


The main problem in the book is that Andrew is sick and about to die then he meets Drew in the attic and wants to switch places with him. They switch places and causes them to face challenges and might even lose their memory about their own lives.

Title Explanation

The importance of the title is that it's saying there is a ghost Andrew and it's a story. It relates to the whole book because the 2 main characters are both named Andrew. One of the Andrew is a ghost. A different title would be Switching lives,because they switch lives and thing happened to each other lives.

Book Review

I think the is o.k. She could at least put more detail in the beginning. Other than that I did like the book I liked how the characters were both Andrew. Also I like it because it grabs you in the book to read it more.