A Wrinkle in Time

The book


The symbolism in the book Wrinkle in Time there is plenty of symbolism to pass around the clever author Madeline L'Engle put some symbolism in for readers who pay close attention to relate to. One symbol in the book wrinkle in time is the man with the red eye's. The man with red eyes symbolizes hatred and anger.


Meg doesn't think about herself as a person she thinks about herself as a"monster".Meg is not self confident and she is insecure. Megs dad works for the government and has mysteriously disappeared. Now Meg and her brother and her new friend Calvin try to save their dad from the horrid IT. Meg's dad is on the planet Camezotz. Camezotz is a horrible planet were everybody is the same and there is no version of time. Meg needs to use her own faults to save her family. Meg is more self confident at the end of the book.
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The theme of Wrinkle in Time is love is always wins against hate. Another theme is good always beats evil. Wrinkle in time has many similes and metaphors to help the reader picture an image in their minds. When Meg was trying to defeat the man with the red eyes she told Charles Wallace that she loved him and she was able to defeat the red eyed man.