Kindergarten Hoppenings

Ms. Williams' class October 9, 2015

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • October 16th-picture day

  • October 23rd-End of the 1st quarter

  • October 23rd-Harvest Festival 5:30-8:30

Please see the link below

  • October 26th and 27th-Parent conferences 2:40-6:00

Conference time reminders will be coming home in the Tuesday folder

  • October 30th-Teacher workday (No school for students)

  • November 2nd-Teacher Professional Development day
(No school for students)

  • November 3rd-Election Day-No school

The color for next week is pink.

Please remember to send in a family picture for our wall, if you haven't already done so!


This week we are learning the orange song and how to spell the word orange. Also we are learning the poem Mary Had a Little Lamb. The children are doing a great job with concepts of rhyming, directionality of print and concept of word. I am also in the middle of PALS (phonological, awareness, literacy, screening), which assesses pre-reading skills, such as those listed above. I will be going over this at parent conferences.


We had a great field trip to the fire station today! We enjoyed a fall walk and learned a lot about how firefighters help our community and about fire safety. Thank you to Firefighter James, all the other firefighters and to the parents that came with us!


Today we had a visit from Mike Marshall, the editor of the Crozet Gazette. He talked to the students about how the paper keeps the Crozet community connected. He also explained how the paper is made and how interviews are conducted. The students learned that asking questions leads to gaining information and develops curiosity. They enjoyed looking through the paper and were excited to take it home to share with their family!


During math time the children have been learning and practicing their counting skills. They enjoy playing games like grab and count and inventory bags to practice these skills. They are learning to count objects and represent the quantity with pictures and numbers. They are also learning to compare quantities and numbers.


The students have been working in their alphabet book during writing time. They are practicing handwriting (forming the letter) as well as labeling pictures that start with the sound that we are focusing on at that time. Today we worked on the letter "f". We had many pictures of frogs, forks, fans and flowers!