AMS Library App

Instructions for Downloading Follett Destiny Quest App

About the App

Our Awesome Library is proud to offer students the powerful searching application, Destiny Quest mobile app, to browse the AMS library’s collection – anytime, anywhere - from an Apple iOS or Android mobile device.

By browsing through the collection with the Destiny Quest mobile app, users can:

· Search for Library books;

· Check to see if a book is available in our Library;

· Write their own book review and read other recommendations from classmates; and

· Discover the Top 10 Most Popular titles and new books.

Instructions for Downloading App

To get started, students will need to:

1. Download the Destiny Quest mobile app from the App Store or Android Google Play.

2. Follow these instructions for a one time only app set up—

o Input the following web address (or URL)

o Select “Auburn Middle School”.

o Type in Novell username and password. (The same username and password used for logging onto computers at school.)