Civil War

Abbi Noble

Background of the Civil War

Before 1861, there was conflict between the North and the South that started the Civil War. The conflict was different beliefs about slavery, the North was anti-slavery and the South was pro-slavery. Before the Civil War began, the government comprimised the different beliefs by creating slave states in the south and free-slave states in the north.

Civil War

The Civil War began April 12, 1861, the first battle was at Fort Sumter in Carleston Bay, Charleston, S.C. The war was between the Confederates, who were in favor of slavery, and the Unionists, who apposed slavery.

Media Perspective of the Civil War

The two articles I read about the Civil War were both bias, most articles took the Unionist side or the Confederate side. The articles I read both took the Unionists side. Unionists believe that slavery should be abolished. This was bias by source selection.


The Civil War is historical critism because people still discuss the subject to this day. Schools teach kids about the Civil War in history class, people are still learning more about it everyday. The Civil War is also culture critism because different cultures see this from different perspective.

My Perspective of the Civil War

I believe the Civil War was necessary because I don't not believe slavery is ok. I think that it was wrong for people to treat another human being as a pet. No human should be treated unequally. I believe the Civil War made history more civil afterwards.

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