Kinesio Tape

By: Catrina R. Stephenson

What is Kinesio Tape?

Kinesio tape is a type of Fitness tape that is supposed to reduce pain and support whatever part of the body it is placed. Kinesio tape is made of specialized fabric that can stretch with the body. Another ability that the kinesio tape has is its ability to release moisture, this allows people to wear kinesio tape for a longer time than other tapes.

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Dose Kinesio tape work?

Do people like Kinesio tape?

Are there similar products with different names?

Is Kinesio Tape a type of placebo?

Dose Kinesio tape work?

If Kinesio tape is used correctly and only on people who need it, such as people who are injured or who are recommended by their doctors to use it, then Kinesio tape should reduced the individuals pain and help them to recover more quickly. The Kinesoi tape does this by "lifting the skin and forming convolutions in the skin thus increasing interstitial space and allowing for a decrease in inflammation, reducing pressure while enabling a more effctive flow of blood and lymphatic fluid in and out of the target area."(Kinesio Group LLC)

How do the kinesio tape works?

Do people like Kinesio tape?


"I had meniscus removal surgery and had pain and swelling. I had no knowledge of this Kinesio Taping method, but my physical therapist put it on and I had overnight relief from pain and swelling. I was able to walk at least 70 percent better than the previous day. Amazing!" (Medicine Net Inc.)

"I have been using both Kinesio Tape and Spider Tape for years, and have taped literally thousands of patients ranging from age 8 to 87, as well as many professional wrestlers and athletes. My results have been very good, and well received."(Medicine Net Inc.)


“I agree RockTape is a superior product. I use the tape on alot of the guys at our facility. We are a Jiu Jitsu academy. RockTape is the only kinesiology tape (specifically the H2O tape) that I have found that will stay on with what our guys do. Though the sweating and the abraisivness of Jiu-Jitsu both Gi and no-Gi the RockTape survives. I have used KT tape before when I was out of RockTape, the adhesive was not nearly as good. It wouldn’t even stay on while I was playing ball. I also disliked the fact that they were precut to a specific size. We are not all the same and trying to use pre cut strips sucks. I would rather cut it to a size that fits me. Its basically a waste of the product you just paid for if you only need a 4 inch strip but you have to use an 8in.” (Crazier Than Thou)

“Tried both products. Cleaned it, allowed it to dry, made sure there is no tension etc… KT lasted me 2 games of tennis… Rock is still on the next day.” (Crazier Than Thou)

Are there similar products with different names?

Yes, there are similar products with different names; some of these include Rock tape, KT tape, and Elastic therapeutic tape.

Is Kinesio Tape a type of placebo?

Yes, Kinesio Tape is a type of placebo because in this test, it shows that the Kinesio Tape did not do what it was meant to do.



So in conclusion, even though Kinesio Tape acts more like a placebo, people do like the product.

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