Energy Drinks

By: Jackie Widmer

What is in Energy Drinks?

  • 420 Calories!! That is as much as a double cheeseburger at McDonalds! These are simple sugars.

What is the difference between simple sugars and complex sugars?

  • Complex sugars- give you longer energy, such as starches. Usually people will carb load the day before their race or any big competition they have.

Why do energy drinks work? (for a little bit)

  • Your body only needs so much sugar, when too much hits the blood stream it causes the pancreas to shoot out extra insulin. This gives you the energy, they call it quick energy because it doesn't last very long and then you get a crash feeling.

How does Caffeine affect the brain?

It blocks the part in your brain that makes you feel tired, this is why it only last for a little bit.