The Umayyads

The Beginning of Umayyads

General Mu'awiyah was known for his outstanding virtue and was also the governor of Syria. As he said "I never use my sword when my whip will do, nor my whip when my tongue will do." As Mu'awiyah made the office to called caliphate he established Umayyad dynasty. He then moved the capital of the Arabs Empire from Madinah to Damascus, in Syria.


The umayyads wrought many changes in the Islamic government. The most significant was the adoption of Byzantine administrative and financial systems. In 710 barbers Arab forces attacks southern Spain. In 725 Spain became Muslims state. In 732 Arabs defeated France. as the empire expanded, to become increasingly discontented, the Umayyads had found it necessary to increase their income from taxation


The expansion had brought great wealth and new ethnic groups. Many muslims of non-arab background did not like the way local administrations favored the Arab. Hussein v. Umayyad caused a big struggle which caused a split in Islam. Hard to rule from a capital from faraway, the regions begin to develop their own power, which hostile to the caliphate.