Saf City

A suitable place to be

What is Saf City?

Saf city is a city located in Toronto/Ontario, it was founded by Cravitz Saf.Jr a German born Englishman. He had immigrated to Canada and in his 20's he had thought of the idea of making Saf City. Saf city is a sustainable city believing and hoping in the lives of the people of Saf city while having a more equal and reliable community for people looking for place to live in where they can have a community of their own in which they prefer.

Why We Rely On Sustainabilty


We rely on sustainability because we think that sustainability is one thing a city needs to be a city that is Economically, Socially, and Environmentally strong and can use these three factors to help the environment of how our city progresses.

Land Uses


We have 16 near by schools that are walk-able from your home, all the way from elementary to post secondary. We also have 10 universities and collages located on the East and West sides of the city. We also have 8 library's located spread around the city containing the worlds most best selling books.


For transportation we have a 24/7 running bus and train service that is located at a 1 km walk and it can take you all around the city to where ever you want to go instead of taking personal transportation to your work or to the mall and idling in the city.


For industrial we have 5 factories, 8 warehouses, 2 landfills, and 3 mines located in the Northern and Southern areas of the city, the landfills are far enough so they can not effect the air in our environment and the clean look of our city.


For residential land use we have different streets with different types of houses semi-detached, apartments, detached, and town houses we also have old homes for people who are retired, with these type of houses you get a tree garden or a vegetable garden to keep Saf city and your place of living sustainable.


We have commercial companies like Walmart, Mac Donald's, Target etc. around the city just at a walking distance and if they are a little far you can just take the local bus or train. we also have local gyms, Real-estate offices, and banks.

Open Space

And something for if you have kids we have 20 parks and something you want to do for your own spare time we have 40 farming areas, and tree growing areas, this is another way to help sustain the environment and a simple way to earn volunteering hours for your graduation, we also have a daily recycling group that help clean up other peoples mess.

A Short Video On Sustainabilty

What is Sustainability? | Mocomi Kids