Friskney Facts For Fourth Grade

JANUARY; The lifeline is Self-Control

January Events:

6- Trimester 2 Midterm
15- Green and Gold Day
18- Martin Luther King Day, School in session.
20- Hailynn Kobe-Iden's birthday
21-Student Led Conferences 3:05-7:00 p.m.
25- Built in Make Up Day (if needed)
27- William Hepler Fink's Birthday
28- Gavin Pratt's Birthday

K-KIDS for January (Baker's Youth Club)

K-kids will be meeting on the 14th and 28th of January. I don't know this for sure, but I'm guessing that might be to avoid a conflict with Conferences. As further evidence, there will be no Baker's Youth Club on January 21st.

Student Led Conferences

Conferences will be held on January 21, from 3:15-7:00 p.m. We will once again be doing student-led conferences. You are able to come and go at your own pace, and several conferences may take place at one time. I will be circulating and present to answer specific questions that students may not be able to answer. Students will report on progress, goals, assessment data, and share examples of their work. The student will be running the show and share strengths and challenges that affect their work

New Student in 2016

Hailynn Jobe-Iden joined our class on January 5th. She will be celebrating her birthday this month. As a class, we are extremely pleased to welcome her and look forward to getting to know her better.

Important January Assignments:

The most recent Spelling City Assignment is due on Friday, January 15. The final test is to be done in class at school. Student made Spelling Lists should be in (Yellow) Spelling Folders and may be used at home to study.

The Word Pattern List is due the following Monday after the final Spelling Test. Words are student generated and should reflect the words from their Spelling List. Use of a Dictionary to check spelling is expected. Proper nouns (names) should only be part of ah "Oddball" column on the paper. For that reason, no words other than "oddball proper nouns" should be capitalized.

As of today, there are two students that still have not completed their Poetry Anthology. I hope that will be taken care of on Friday, January 8th. We are also behind on completing the Persuasive Topic papers due to the Robotic, and Poetry Units as well as swimming in December. While there are some students that have make a lot of progress there are several that have quite a bit to accomplish. We are working on perfecting our simple sentences with prepositional phrases and creating compound sentences by using conjunctions. Capitalization, punctuation, paragraphing and spacing are also so being reviewed, as well as making sure what is read is what is written grammar-wise.

Reading of library books is a daily occurrence and should be happening at school ,as well as, at home. Writing three two paragraph letters a week discussing the plot and reader's connections and noticings is a graded requirement. Those "noticings " should reflect comprehension language that we work on in class. (ie. Main Idea, Author's Purpose, and Determining Importance, etc. ) We also use our discussion of our CLASS Behavior Lifelines.

We recently began a grammar study called Sentence of the Week. Mentor Sentences are pasted into student notebooks on Monday. We conduct and discuss grammar noticing, review grammar rules, and find or imitate the mentor sentences. On Fridays, a quiz with
multiple choice questions and a writing prompt is assigned. The students write a response that imitates the mentor sentences, but also uses the prompt cues.

AR goals should be 50% met by Midterm. The percentage is doubled at Midterm to reflect that if they continue to read at that pace they should receive that grade. But at the end of the grading period they will receive the actual percentage without it being doubled.