Tubal sterilization

By Sean Graf

What is Tubal sterilization?

Tubal sterilization is a type of surgery closes off your Fallopian tubes (which carry an egg to your uterus each month) that keeps you from getting pregnant. It When the tubes are closed, sperm cannot reach the egg, so you cannot get pregnant.
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Does Tubal Sterilization prevent STI (sexually transmitted infection)

Tubal Sterilization dose not prevent sti.

does it require a prescription or can you buy it at a drugstore?

Tubal Sterilization is a surgery that is administered by a licensed doctor typically in a hospital or sugary center and cost about $6000 .you cant get it in the form of a prescription or from a drugstore

How effective is tubal sterilization?

tubal sterilization is effective nearly 100% of the time because the surgery prevents sperm from reaching the eggs ( ovum) so their is no chance of becoming pregnant.