Parkhill Primary School Newletter

Issue 28, Thursday September 12 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

Nearly the end of term already – how time flies!


This week has been science week across the school. Children have participated in science activities throughout the week. The learning areas for these activities this term are:


Physical sciences - The way objects move depends on a variety of factors including their size and shape; a push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape.


Physical sciences - Heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another; a change in the temperature of an object is related to the gain or loss of heat by the object.


Physical sciences - Forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance.


Physical sciences - Light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted.


On Friday 20th we have our Footy Colours day organised by Andrea Crane and the Student Representative Council (SRC). Children across the school come dress in their favourite Footy Colours whether that be AFL, Rugby or Soccer. We have a variety of activities happening throughout the day, with the parade as the Grand Finale! It would be awesome to see some parents in their colours join us for the parade at 2 p.m. We finish at 2:30pm on this day!

Obviously a special high five is available to all who wear the mighty yellow and black…


Everyone has a bad day from time to time, as adult we are aware of our mood and feeling and well equipped to manage ourselves around such events. Children often are left frustrated, angry and confused when their day goes wrong. Check the article below for some handy helpful ways and idea to support your child when they have a bad day.


Toys at school

We would like your help in discouraging children from bringing lots of precious toys to school. Often children bring a favourite toy and it stays in their bag, or something for show and tell or to play with at recess/lunch. These toys are ok for children to bring to school – but please do discourage them from bringing precious things to school. At school things can get broken and lost and children become quite distressed and unable to focus on their day if this happens.

Dental Van:

Please return your dental van visit form if you wish for your child to visit the dentist – the forms are due back on 16th September.

Please do check out the calendar dates below for the term’s events.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Elaine Brady


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Calendar of Curriculum Events

Friday 13 September - F/1T Rippon Lea Excursion & Second Hand Uniform Stall at 3.15pm

Tuesday 17 September - ICAS English (selected students)

Wednesday 18 September - MADD Day

Thursday 19 September - ICAS Maths (selected students)

Friday 20 September - Footy Day, Parade at 2pm. Term 3 ends 2.30pm

Monday 7th October - Term 4 starts

Tuesday 15 October - Curriculum Day

Wednesday 16 October- Division Basketball (selected students)

Thursday 17 October - Regional Athletics (selected students)

Thursday 24 October- Toys Over Time Incursion F/1

Friday 25 October - Y2 Sleepover

Wednesday 6 - 8 November- Dental Van

Friday 20th December -Term 4 ends

Student of the Week

F/1C - Vic W

F/1S - Ruairidh G

2/3L - Ella J

2/3M - Kara D

4D - Ashton W

40 - Lachie S

5/6A - Spencer S

5/6CS - James M

5/6H - Issac B



We learnt how to write instructional texts. It gives instructions like how to make pizza or hot to be a good teacher. We started our sentences with verbs. Verbs are describing something that you are doing. We used words like help, answer, read and write. We used adverbs to make verbs more interesting.

Here are our tips to being a good teacher.

Ella’s Instructions

  1. Answer questions sensibly and always give the right answers to students.

  2. Hand out the sheets when it is time to work.

  3. Always help a student when they are having trouble with Maths.

  4. Help them read and write.

  5. Help the students when something bad happens recess and lunch.

Kooper’s Instructions

  1. Always make sure your students are safe.

  2. Always help your students with their work.

  3. Always help them in the yard when they are hurt or chased by bullies.

Ella and Kooper in 2/3L.

Coding with Scratch

The students in Y2/3 have been using scratch to explore and understand the basics of coding. By using IF and THEN statements linked to keyboard inputs, students have been able to make a simple two dimensional sprite move around the screen. Scratch is a fantastic introduction to coding because it does away with complicated programming jargon and languages, turning lines of code into colourful building blocks. Students can then drag and drop them into the UI to create algorithms and instantly see the results of their work. Scratch is a free online program that families can download and use at home.

Check it out at -

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Division Athletics

Moments before the event, I can feel my heart beating fast, blood pumping and a big grin across my face. It is time to give everything I have.

On Friday 6th of September, seven students from Y4-6 participated in our Division Athletics after coming 1st or 2nd in their event in District Athletics. It was a beautiful day at Knox Athletics Track with great results from everyone who attended.

11B Long Jump & Triple Jump – Jimmy Dvorak

1B Shotput – Charlie Broadbent

11B Discus – James Wright

11G 100m & 200m– Anjali Rao

12B Shotput & Discus – Isaac Brown

12G Hurdles & Triple Jump – Isa Sek

10B Shotput – Hamish Lee

Congratulations to Isaac, Anjali, Jimmy, James W, Isa and Hamish on coming 1st or 2nd in your event. You’ve made it to regionals! Good Luck!!

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District Basketball Round Robin

Girls Results

Parkhill vs Pinewood 17 – 0

Parkhill vs Holy Family 12 – 25

Parkhill vs Syndal South 36 – 0

Parkhill vs Glen Waverley 16 – 12

Boys Results

Parkhill vs Pinewood 22 – 2

Parkhill vs Holy Family 14 – 9

Parkhill vs Syndal South 28 – 9

Parkhill vs Glen Waverley 17 – 18

The boys team made it into the finals against The Knox School. The final score was 14-22, Parkhill losing. Even though the boys team lost in the finals, they will be progressing into Division early next term. Well done to everyone that participated. You showed great sportsmanship and competed well. Go Parkhill!

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Attention all Parkhill writers!

Dymocks and Pan Macmillan are inviting Australian kids to get creative and enter a story writing competition that’s judged by the one and only Andy Griffiths! To celebrate the release of The 117-Storey Treehouse, we’re calling all Andy fans to knock our socks off with their imaginative short stories. The theme is "if you could add one level to Andy & Terry's treehouse, what would it be?". Competition is open to Australian primary school students. Word limit is 400 words. Competition closes 30 September 2019. For more information and to register your entry visit the Dymocks website:

Good Luck!

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PFA News 12th Sep 2019

Committee Members

Office Bearers:

President: Vanessa Cowley

Vice President: George Andrakakos

Treasurer: Sumi Sundram

Secretary: Nadine Phillips

Committee Members:

Shadow Treasurer: Fiona Crellin

Communications: Eva Conley

General Members:

Jason Van Lint, Elle Delmee, Mark Havas, Lisa Jacobson, Wendy Douglas, Janneke Storteboom, Leanne Knight, Kylie Touloupis, Donna Edwards, Katrina Battle

If you would like to be on our email distribution list and receive communication and minutes from our meetings please email

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It is footy finals time and the end of term 3. To celebrate this, the students of Parhkill can order a special lunch order which is organised by the PFA. Order your sausage (beef or vegetarian), juice (apple or orange) and cookie for $5. Additional sausages are $2.50 each. The lunch order form is due by 3:30pm Tuesday 17th September.
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COLOUR RUN - Friday 8th November - SAVE THE DATE

How good was the Colour Run last year?! Not only was it positive experience for student fitness but it was a super successful fundraiser. So, it is on again in 2019. Watch this space for more updates.

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Make sure you keep up to date with all school happenings by joining the ‘Parkhill Primary School Community Page’ on Facebook. This is a closed group to maintain privacy and can only be accessed by Parkhill Families. Search for us using the above name, send a request to join, the administrators will verify your details and then you can scroll until your heart’s content!

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