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May 2016 Newsletter

The End is Near...

WOW! It is May! How did that happen? Thank you for sticking by us this school year as we transitioned into something new. We love the fact that you helped us get great books into kids hands. Enjoy the rest of the school year. And while you are out and about this summer, if you see or hear about a good book for kids, please drop us an email so we can purchase it for our libraries. Enjoy your time off! Happy poolside and beach reading!
Amy Bendall
Jennifer Tiddens (AES)
Robin Nottingham (AUGS)
Darlene Ploss (HC)
Linda Pohlman (OAK)
Mary Ann Bruno (WCP)

What's Happening in May?

Once Upon A Time...

How To Write A Good Begining

I recently saw this article and thought "What a great lesson to do with students. All you need is a picture book". Next time you read a book to your students, see if the author includes these 5 elements in their story.

Scholastic Book Fairs

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District wide we will have had 8 book fairs this year and sold well over $60,000 worth of books, posters and school supplies to students, staff and parents! Money earned goes to pay for Scholastic Magazines and books and supplies for the libraries. I wonder how many books got into the hands of our students and staff?

The Thank You Book

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The Thank You Book, the final book in the Elephant and Piggie series, come out May 3rd. To celebrate this beloved series, May is Thank-O-Rama Month! Head on over to ThankoRama.com to download, print, and fill out your own #ThankoRama speech bubbles.

Share with your students a special video message from Mo Willems himself: http://mrschureads.blogspot.com/2016/04/may-is-thank-o-rama-month.html.

Summer Reading Suggestions - Feel free to share with parents and students

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