The House of the Future

A place where you never need to lift up a finger!

What is this house capable of?

How many time has your mother complained on how no one helps around the house? Especially when is comes to cleaning up your room, cleaning the dishes, making the food etc. Well this house will finally close that mouth of complaint your mother has. Lets say your hungry and your mom is no where to be found in this enormous utopia this kitchen has the ability to supply your needs with no help from your mom nor your dad. Read more about the abilities of the house below.

What does it do?

Theres lots of thing it does, lets start with the closet. The closet is basically your transportation around the house, if you are in your room and you need to tell your mom something in her room, you can just step right into the closet and tell it where you want to go. Another ability this house is the nursury, the nursury can be anything you can think of from the North Pole to the Sahara deseart, it is almost as if you are actually there! This last ability is really helpful lets say your room is incredibly messy and you mom is coming to your room, and have no time to clean it up your self, you can command the room to clean itself and when your mo comes into the room its just like how it was before it was messy.

No Problem

Your will not be let down if you buy this house. Its a great investment for your wife or your mother because she will never have to lift up a finger. I gurantee you wont be dissapointed because there is no other house like the House of Your Dreams!