The Beast

by:Blake T period 4

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"YOU WILL BE BANISHED OFF OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH" yelled Zeus.There are many types of monsters in ascent time but there was one that was the biggest and the strongest. At 12 feet tall and fire proof, eats people the CYCLOPES.

Cyclopes have been around since the begging of time.Cyclopes are big they are 10-12 feet tall that's two of me and i'm tall guy.They are man eating monster and there fire proof so ya. they where banned of the earth by Zeus.But later came back and Zeus found out they are really good workers.So they became his servant.They just have one eye which is in the middle of there forehead.

Most cyclopes live in a really deep cave."it's guessed in some circles that this myth was created to explain the apperance of elephant skulls". That is why they one eye.The most common cyclops is the Polyphemus weird name right.

Also another name for Polyphemus is Kyklopes giant.They also were a son of Poseidon.And there on a island called Thrinacia. That is all I know about the Cyclopes or Polyphemus whatever you prefer to call it.


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