Child Marriages

By: Kirstie Busa

Who is fighting in child marriages, and what were they fighting about?

The book I read was about a 10 year old girl who was trying to get a divorce. In child marriages (mostly girls) that were forced into marriage fight for a divorce to get away from the torture of their husband.

When did this happen , who had more power and why?

Child marriage has been going on for many years. Most countries in the Middle East don't give women much freedom mostly because of religions, so the men have more power.

Was this problem ever solved? How?

Nujood's problem was solved she got a divorce with the help of her lawyer. Child marriage itself is not solved. Some countries have made it illegal ,but people still have the marriages in a quiet place where nobody would know what was happening.

what effect did this have on history, and hope did you find on this topic?

In the past of the islamic culture child marriage was not a very big deal now that it has it made a big impact on their culture. Hope can really be anyone who helps out. Nujood had a wonderful lawyer who helped her out, and got nujood her divorce.

Facts about nujood!!!

Nujood was only nine when she was forced to get married. The idea about getting a divorce came from her step mom.Eventually she went to court ,got a lawyer ,and got a divorce in 2008.