The Weekly Verona

Cloudy With Chance Of Big Brawls

Veronas Collapse To Chaos


Today our fair city of Verona was plunged into chaos as the two battling families, Capulet and Montague took to the streets to settle their debts. This public display of their resounding abnegation for each others beliefs and morals took place in the quiet Sycamore Grove. The two assemblages met at around 3 pm; the bloody brawl ending with 2 fatalities and some irreparable scars. The cause of this fallout is currently unknown, but widely speculated.
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So far, the Prince has identified two casualties, Tybalt Capulet and Mercutio Montague. Although the heads of the families denied to comment on these recent events, Paco, a Montague page, reported "Although the heat of battle glared, Romeo bore a shade of calm". This leads us to believe that Romeo Montague, son of Lady and Lord Montague, was trying to intervene in the outburst, apparently led by Tybalt.


Whilst many speculate over just how the two foes met their end, a member of the public, who wishes to remain anonymous, said "Romeo, the dastardly peacekeeper, got between the two brawlers, and under his arm Mercutio was slain". It is understood that Tybalt was the one who impaled Mercutio, but then bolted. Witnesses also report that Tybalt returned, for no apparent reason but to kill Romeo as well. It is believed that this is due to some odd events at the Capulet party, mere nights ago. It was seen that Tybalt was given the boot, also sporting a vexed look on his face. Romeo then proceeded to eliminate him.
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We recently received an official statement from the Prince of Verona, "Although the cause of this incident is currently unknown, we are working around the clock to identify why exactly this slaughter occurred. Meanwhile, Romeo, our prime suspect, has been banished from the city limits until further notice. Any sightings are to be reported to the local officer."

Is Juliet Capu-letting the enemy get to close?

"Farewell Fair Romeo"

So what does this mean for the poor Montague family? After suffering two abrupt losses, will they see that their petty feud with the Capulets is futile, and make amends? Or will the Capulets see this as a miscarriage of justice, and launch a desperate bid to make sweet revenge. One thing is certain, the city will never be the same again.