BCS Eco News

BCS Going Green(er) | December 2014

BCS's TerraCycle Brigade

Hi BCS Parents!

We are three students from the Blue Crew co-curricular. We would like to reduce the amount of trash that BCS produces and so have joined two TerraCycle brigades. TerraCycle is a company that up-cycles trash into useable products. BCS is collecting three types of trash--drink pouches (such Capri Suns and Honest Kids), Go-Go Squeeze pouches, and snack wrappers. These items will be sent to TerraCycle to be made into other items instead of going to the landfill. This is helping make the planet a better place.

How You can help

Please remind your children to put their drink pouches, their Go-Go Sqeeze Pouches, and their snack wrappers into the Terracycle bins. We have three Terracycle bins. Two are by the grades 1-4 lunch area and the other is by the fifth grade lunch area.

If you want to help from home, you can use a cardboard box as a Terracycle bin at home and put those items in the bin. When your box is full, your child can bring the box to school. Our group will mail the items to Terra Cycle.

BCI's Walk N Roll Program

BCI's Walk N Roll program wants more students to come to BCI via green methods--walking, biking, riding a scooter, carpooling, or in a "green" vehicle. The program, run by the BCI Social/Leadership Club, has organized several events and incentives to encourage more students to participate including monthly hot chocolate and raffles. Here is a picture from our December event.

Using Fewer Paper Towels

As part of our August Eco Summit, two students decided to address the paper towel problem--students were using too many paper towels to dry their hands. The students decided to create a stickers to place on the paper towel dispensers to remind students that using paper towels meant more trees were cut down.

They created two versions--one for the younger students and one for the older. In addition, they created a video to show students how to dry their hands effectively without wasting paper towels. To create the video, the girls tested out the number of pushes you needed for enough paper to dry your hands without wasting paper. They came up with the optimal number pushes being four pushes.

Check out the stickers when you are using the BCS and BCI sinks.

Recycle Electronics at BCS

Don't forget that you can help both the environment and BCS by recycling your used electronics. Through Waste Management, the BCS office is able to collect and recycle the following electronics: cell phones, inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges, GPS devices, iPods, video games and consoles, DVDs, digital cameras, PDAs, laptops, iPads, Tablets, and eReaders.

We earn cash for these items through Cartridges for Kids so bring your unused electronics to the BCS office!