December's Newsletter

Mrs. Smith 2nd Grade 2015-2016

A message from Mrs. Smith...

Dear Parents,

It was a pleasure meeting you at Parent Teacher conferences! I enjoyed being able to learn a little bit more about your child through our conversations. I always encourage parents to email or call me with any questions. I can't believe we are approaching winter break in two weeks! I highly recommend taking the time over winter break to visit any local museums, libraries, outdoor activities, restaurants, and as always spending time with your families! Here is a website that shares places to go in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Be sure to click on the tab that is labeled, "Places To Go" for suggestions. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing your child in 2016!


Mrs. Smith

Remember to read 20 minutes every night and fill out December's Book It Calendar! It is due January 4th.


Students have been learning how to write number sentences using a number line by measuring math rods. It is important to remind your child to start at zero when measuring for accuracy. They also have been learning how to read a bar and picture graph. It is easy to make careless mistakes when reading a bar and picture graph, so we discussed the importance of taking their time as they read the questions that relate to the data on the graph. Please continue to have your child practice their math facts and to go on IXL or Moby Max to practice math skills.


We added another reading strategy to our "Cafe" board. The students have been practicing asking questions before, during, and after reading a text. We call this strategy, wondering. Please remember to ask your child questions as they read to help improve their reading comprehension and also have them wonder when they are reading. We often use a Post-It to write down our wondering thoughts as we read.

We recently start talking about character traits, which tells us more about the character from the inside through actions, thoughts, words, and feelings. The students will be exploring different literature books to see how a character's trait can change throughout the story.

Winter and colder temperatures are coming!! Please have your child coming to school wearing a hat and scarf, gloves, boots, and a heavy jacket!


Students wrapped up their second personal narrative, "My Ouch" story. The story talked about a time when he/she was hurt. We have shifted our writing focus to writing about our opinions. Our first opinion piece is about why Apollo school is the best school. Each student has to come up with three reasons of why Apollo school is the best and to give DETAILS about their reason. We continue to practice writing detailed sentences. I can't wait to see their published piece!

Your child needs to have gym shoes on Mondays and Tuesdays for physical education (P.E.) class. They can't be wearing their boots!


We recently finished our chapter on the Nature of Science- what questions scientist ask, what kinds of skills do scientist use, how do scientist use tools and stay safe, how scientist find answers, and how scientist collect and record data. The students learned about the different steps to the scientific method. We used the scientific method to see what soda can do to our teeth. The students were stunned to see that it can stain your teeth. We also discussed how many calories are in a can of soda and how we need to burn off those calories if we do choose to drink soda, which is through exercise. The students enjoyed being able to participate in a variety of partner activities which related to our science lessons.