Living Museum Timeline

How do I create a timeline?

1. Fold your paper in half (hot dog style)

2. Title your timeline

3. Use the crease to draw a straight line vertically down your paper.

4. Do some math!

First take the year of his/ her death (if not deceased, used today's year) and the year he/ she were born and subtract. EXAMPLE: 1803-1722 = 81

Then, using a ruler, measure your vertical line to 9 or 10 inches. (Depends on if 10 inches will fit on your paper.)

Divide the difference by your inches (either 9 or 10). EXAMPLE: 81/9 = 9

So every inch on your timeline, put a hash mark. Once you have done that, add the dates to the hash marks in increments of 9 or 10 (which ever number you used to divide with).

5. Add birth and death date to your timeline.

At the top of your timeline, add the birth date of your person.

At the bottom of your timeline, add the death date of your person. If your person is still living, write "still living" or write something they are doing now.

6. Now go in and add all your other events.

You need to add your additional events to your timeline. Be sure to place them on the timeline where they belong.

Remember: you need at least 8 events on your timeline.

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7. Make it pretty!

Go over your timeline with a pen or a marker. Make it look nice and NEAT.

Remember to add at least 3 pictures to your timeline. They must represent an event on the timeline. Cannot be a random picture.

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