Republic of Ethiopia

Culture of Ethiopia

The people

Most people in Ethiopia speak Amharic. About 45 percent of population belongs to Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Ethiopians gerally appreciate others who are humble, honerable, and pleasant. For holidays and other important occasions, Ethiopians of the northern and cantral regions wear traditional white cotton clothing decorated with various designs.
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Sons usually bring their brides to live with or near their fathers family. Three or more generations in the male line frequently live under one roof or in one family compund. Weddings can be costly, elaborate family events lasting two to three days. Porridge made from corn, barley , oats, or sorghum flour boiled with milk is the most commen food in nearly all regions of the country.
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Relatives and friends often kiss on each cheek. New acquaintances shake hands gently with one or both hand. Ethiopians keep a reasonable distance during conversation and avoid prolonged eye contact. People avoid passing items or food with the left hand. Keeping ones hands at the side(not in pockets) during conversation is considered polite.
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