Which Would You Drink

By Aisling Smith

8 MILLION PEOPLE in Uganda don't have access to safe water

In Uganda, 32 million people live without adequate sanitation. 8,000 CHILDREN DIE every year from preventable diseases because of the dirty water.

What Can We Do? How Can We Help? Donate to WaterAid!


Builds wells that provide CLEAN, FRESH and SAFE water in more than 37 countries.

In 2014 alone, WaterAid built wells to provide 41,000 people with fresh, clean water and 87,000 people with improved sanitation in Uganda!

Donations are still needed for WaterAid's worldwide work

I chose to raise awareness for the dirty water in Uganda because Shipley's sister school, The Brain Tree School in Uganda, has safe water - but 8 million people in Uganda still don't!