Athlete's Foot

The Causes

Athlet's foot is caused by viruses.It can also be caused by Entreovirus.

The Symptoms

The symptoms start with a fever, then a vagel feeling of being unwell, or a sore throat, after all of that you will start to grow sores in your mouth.

How It's Treated

There is no protection against this virus , but you should try to stay sanitized.

Who Is more likely to get it?

It usually starts with the age group of five, but is can affect some adults.


You can prevent this disease by washing your hands with soap and water, cleaning and disenfecting touched surfaces, and avoiding close contact like hug and kissing.

4 interesting facts

  • You can get athlete's foot if your bare feet is exposed to any kind of fungus
  • You can also get it if the fungus has the right environment to grow-like hot and sweaty sneakers
  • It's scientific name is Tinea pedis
  • It's called athlete's foot because fungus are found where athletes are