The Spanking Debate

Is it good or bad???


Somethings that I learned could happen to kids if you spank them is:

If you hit/spank a kid they will probably start to become afraid of you.

Another thing is I would think that most people are afraid to hit their kids.

It makes them behave, but out of fear not respect.

No one can learn when they're afraid.

I know most parents these days always say, "Well I was spanked as a kid and I turned out just fine!!!"

Well guess what!!! You're wrong!!! Here are some more reasons why spanking a kid is wrong:

It teaches them that violence is a good way to solve issues.

It makes them feel bad.

It sends the wrong message.

Another bad thing that can happen is it causes mistrust and I know that all of the parents out there want their kids to trust them 100 percent.

Just listen to what else happened to the kids that have been spanked:

It made them feel powerless.

It shows them that stronger is right.

It may lead to abuse.

It doesn't improve behavior.

So if you stop and think about it spanking isn't as good as you thought it was because of all of those things that could happen to these poor kids.