A Parent's Perspective

How Parents Can Help Navigate the Digital Age

Please join us for a very special event!

Digital transformation in our school can't happen without the support of an entire community. Administrators, educators, parents, students, and communities must work together in order to create and sustain a culture of change.

On the evening of September 26th, Eubank Elementary along with Discovery Education will be hosting a special event with guest speaker, Leon Pridgen, that explores how parents can maximize their role in their child's education and how to help navigate this new digital age .

A Parent's Perspecitve

Thursday, Sep. 26th 2013 at 6-7:15pm

Eubank Elementary School, 9717 Indian School Rd.

A Full Dinner Will Be Provided At the Conclusion of the Event

Leon Pridgen, Parent, Mooresville, NC

Leon currently resides in Mooresville, NC with his wife Gail. Their two children, Leondra and Leon Jr are graduates (2010 and 2012) of the Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD). MGSD is regarded nationally and internationally as the leader in digital conversion. Leon is an enthusiastic champion of the use of digital technology in the classroom. He has witnessed firsthand the tremendous educational strides made with the methodical implementation of technology in student’s hands. After playing a pivotal role in his own community, he now provides community outreach to parent groups and school educators and administrators on the importance of building a team approach to digital conversion.