Mobile Learning

Apps For High School Science and Math Classes

About This Flyer:

This flyer explains 5 different applications that are available to download on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These apps are also useful to be used in a high school classroom for the use of mobile learning. The level that was focused on was high school in the subjects of biology, physics, chemistry and math.

1. The Chemical Touch

Chemical Touch is an app that displays the periodic table as an interactive table. A single element can be touched, and then properties and information about that element is displayed. The table can also be colour-coded based on different properties such as physical properties, density, mass etc.

This app can be used in a high school chemistry class. Teachers can use this app as an interactive activity to teach the dry topic of elements and their physical properties. It is also a good reference to get the information necessary for homework. Students can also colour- code and personalize the periodic table based on the properties they want to focus on.

The Chemical Touch

2. MathGraph

MathGraph is a graphing app that graphs mathematical equations. The app also shows how manipulating the numbers, using a sliding bar, will influence the shape of the graph. This app can graph lines, hyperbolas, ellipses, circles and parabolas.

This is a great interactive app to use in a math class. Teachers can use this app to demonstrate to the whole class how the shapes of graphs can be manipulated, or it can be used as an exploration activity for students. Students who learn the relationships between numbers and the shape of the graph allows for a more complete understanding of mathematical concepts.

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3. Pocket Physics

Pocket Physics is an app that acts as a reference for physics formulas. It also includes a brief description about how to use the formula and what the parameters are. The app is organized into topics that are covered in Physics 20 and Physics 30 so it is easy to locate the specific formula in need.

Teachers can use this app in the class to teach the formula to students as it describes the basic information. It is also a good tool to use as students for help on homework questions and review for exams.

4. Frog Dissection

Frog Dissection is an app that simulates a frog dissection. There are many features included in this app. Features include: 3D imaging, games and videos.

This app is very useful in a classroom. It removes the need to colour/label anatomy sheets, as well as the need to order in 30+ preserved frogs. 3D imaging allows for detailed study of organs and the process still remain interactive. Also, the games and videos are useful learning and study tools.

Virtual 'Frog Dissection' iPad app

5. Math Formulas

Math Formulas is an app that stores useful formulas for algebra, calculus, geometry, probability, statistics and trigonometry. Examples of use of the formulas are also provided to allow for better understanding.

Students can use this app to store the formulas all in one place for an easy reference on homework, during class and also as a good study guide. The "favourites" category can be used for formulas that are frequently used, or for the student to identify the formulas they don't understand and need to study more.

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