Leaf Cutting


  • 3 to 4 inch pot
  • propagating mix
  • spears of sharp scissors
  • a mother plant
  • pencil
  • rooting hormone
  • propagation heat mat (optional)
  • fertilizer


Fill the pots with propagating fertilizer and make it firm and add water to it.
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Using the shears, cut leaves with stems from the mother plant, snipping as close to the bases of the leaf stalks as possible. Trim the stems about an inch long.


With a pencil poke 1 1/2 in holes in the soil just off center. Dip the stems into the rooting hormone, and insert the stem about halfway into the hole.
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When new leaves form, fertilize with a dilute solution of fertilizer. When leaves cover most of the soil surface, move the young plants into larger pots.
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