Digital Etiquette

Think before you post

Becoming a better digital citizen

1.Choose consciously: think before you act - the choices you make online can last forever.

2.Engage positively: what you say and do online can affect everyone! Avoid bullying, harassment and online abuse and learn how to take positive steps if others don’t.

Cyber Bullying

When you post something online, it stays on that website and on the internet FOREVER. So it will affect every single little thing that you do. Even if you say really mean to your friend then delete it you may think "Yes! now i won't get in to trouble", then will still be a day when someone brings it up and it will be a big problem again

Now before you post i hope you remember too...

Make sure your not rude or offending someone or something
Important to check if you are allowed to post a picture or a text
Think about what you are saying

Then you will be all good!

Here try this quiz

1. Click this link
2. Then type in this code into the student section (TDRRNE94F)
3. Type in your name
4. Then start your quiz
5. Then put your your results in the comment section below
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Take CTRL - Digital reputation - Audio description