Well this photo was taken by my father and this monument is the bridge of London. This photo was taken five years ago but I didn`t go with them because I was very little but I will probably go the next year with my classmates. This monument is very famous like the Bigben which is in London too. The photo was taken at night. There are a lot of bright lights and make the monument more beautiful. I think that is more beautiful than at daylight. My father is a very good photografer because of that the photo is beautiful. I like the photo because I am interested in London and my parents like the photo because it remains them how wonderful weekends they spent with their friends. Then when my parents come to Ciudad Real they brought us a lot of toys and souvenirs from London. My parents told me that the experience was great and I would like to go to London with my family .

Well see you on a next fotobabble.

See you soon.

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