Electrical Fields and Potential

By Steffi and Tim

Electrical Potential Energy

A charge object ca have potential energy by virtue of its location in an electric field.

The energy a charge has due to its location in an electric field is called ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL ENERGY.

Electrical Potential

Electrical potential energy per change is called ELECTRIC POTENTIAL

THINK OF IT LIKE THIS: electric potential = electrical potential energy/change

Volt is the SI unit for electric potential

Since potential energy is measured in joules and charge is measured in coulombs, 1 volt = 1 joule/ coulomb

Sinnce electric potential is measured in volts it is commonly called VOLTAGE

Electrical Energy Storage

The way people store electrical energy is through an invention called the capacitor!

The way a capacitor works is very simple. A battery is hooked up with two wires on each end of it. The wires have two plates on the ends of the wires. One plate is positive, and one plate is negative. When they are hooked up, the charge goes from the battery to the plates and starts storing energy. The closer the plates, or the higher the battery voltage, the more energy produced.

Sometimes they have an item that discharges the charged capacitor. This is called a Resistor.
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