~ Animal Abuse ~

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Think about all of the cute little animals that you have saw in the last year. Hopefully its a lot because it could probably make you think pretty deep about the situation my group has organized. Every 10 seconds in this country a animal is abused. It might have even been one of those cute animals that you saw. Animals are just like humans to, they have hearts and they have feelings. Without these loving animals our lives might not be the same. Our loving animals are the ones who comfort us and make us feel better when were down. The same one who never leaves your side no matter what, alike your best friend when your down. Those animals are killed and beat every day. And by Your support and help we can stop animal abuse. So pet owners love and nurture your animals because they are special to our every day lives and by abusing them we are minimizing our days with a loving animal in our arms.
New ASPCA Commercial 2013 (?)

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