Virtual Resume/Smart Goals

By: Anil Mistry

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Grade 12 Academic Goal


For my grade 12 year of high school, I would like my grade average to be at least an 80%


In order to know that I am on track of my goal, I can save all my marks from the beginning of the semester and calculate an average. I can also ask my teachers about my average, and ask how to improve it.


To achieve my SMART goal, I will try my hardest to stop procrastinating, and do all my assignments to the best of my ability. I will review rubrics if given, and study notes before tests. I can try various types of studying to finds out which one works best for me. I will also keep track of my average throughout the school year.


My goal is realistic, because not only do I believe that I can achieve it, but many other people have done it before, through hard work and dedication. So far, my average is not too low, so the gap between what I would like to get is not an incredibly large one.


I would like to achieve my goal of the 80% average for a final mark in my Grade 12 year. (June 20 2018)

Volunteer Hours Goal


For my mandatory volunteer hours, I would like to get 50 hours by the time I graduate. (2018)


The given sheet has slots to fill out how many hours we complete, and where we completed them. This will allow me to keep track of my hours everytime I volunteer.


I plan on volunteering for at least 4 hours a day over my breaks and vacations. I will ask family if I can volunteer at their work place and take opportunities around my community. For example, asking to volunteer at nearby schools on early release days can help me achieve my goal.


My goal is realistic because many other people have completed it with ease and even gone beyond that. Schools and other recreational places are always encouraging students to volunteer and giving opportunities, making it easier to get the work done.


I would like to get my 50 hours of volunteer work done, before the start of grade 12. This way I can focus more on my academics in grade 12, and complete my academic SMART goal.
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Challenges and Solutions As A Chef

Anil Mistry

Ms Ngo



Challenges and Solutions

When working as a chef, there are countless amounts of challenges that you can face, These challenges can be with coworkers, customers, environment and even with the task given. To be more specific, two main challenges that you may face as a chef are unsatisfied customers and improper working conditions and environments.

Firstly, as a chef your job is to cook and have what you make be served to the paying customer. In most cases, you won’t meet the customer, but from what I have heard from chefs with over 10 years of experience, there is always one customer who will try to get away with a free meal with a complaint, or they will just disrespect your service and dump their food, creating a scene and ruining your reputation at the same time. There are multiple solutions to this problem. If a customer has a legitimate reason for their complaint, then you or someone higher than you should be informed and give the upmost attention to said customer. In most cases, the customer will recieve a discount and new food. If a customer is faking their complaint, then as the chef you can go try and deal with the issue, but it is not your job. You should inform your supervisor or manager on the customer, and let them handle it.

Secondly, while having to serve, it’s important that you perform and cook efficiently to the best of your ability. This is a difficult task to carry out all day if your surroundings are not organized and fit to work in. For example, if the kitchen provided for you in a restaraunt is not clean, large enough, and/or unsupplied with the needed ingredients and utensils, then cooking food becomes incredibly difficult and unsanitary. To handle this problem, you should try to keep your workspace clean and organized. If the problem lies deeper, have a discussion with your manager about cleaning the kitchen completely, perhaps even a remodel can be arranged. If your manager is unwilling to listen, it’s probably best to start looking for a new job somewhere else and to report your manager.

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Future Resume

Link to Future Resume


Anil Mistry




46 Fiddleneck Crescent
Brampton, Ontario
L6R 1R3



I am a chef with 4 years of experience cooking in various kitchen environments. As well as an energetic culinary professional with a blend of creativity, passion for food and exceptional cooking skills. I work well as a dynamic leader in high-pressure settings and have praised the lifestyle of a chef for years.

I hope that you find my skill set as a great fit for the position and will contact me for an interview.


Algonquin College

Certificate of Culinary Arts

Algonquin, Quebec

September 2018 - April 2021

Harold M Braithwaite Secondary School


Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - February 2016

Louise Arbour Secondary School

OSSD (2018)

Brampton , Ontario

February 2016 - June 2018

Work Experience


Part Time Cook

Brampton, Ontario

June 2019 - December 2019

Carl's Catering CO


Brampton, Ontario

November 2018 - December 2019

Sheraton Four Points

Accounting Assistant

, Ontario

July 2014 - August 2014



Brampton, Ontario

March 2014 - June 2016


Animal Preparation Class

· Learned how to correctly butcher multiple animals

May 2016 - August 2016

SHSM Hospitality Leader

January 2017 - March 2017


· HMBSS Commissioning Sales Representative

June 2016 - Present

Volunteer Experience

Toronto Homeless Shelter


Toronto, Ontario

January 2016 - February 2016

Legends MMA

Janitorial Service

Brampton, Ontario

July 2014 - August 2014

Skills and Abilities

· Butcher SKills

· Cutting SKills

· Leadership and management

· Participation in projects and tasks

· Reliability

· Baking Skills

· Can handle cash, prepare bills and make payments

· Listening skills

· Positive attitude and behaviour


Top of 2021 Graduating Class @ Algonquin College

September 2012

Top Student at Algonquin Culinary Program

September 2012

Sunnyview Middle School Spelling Bee

· 4th place

September 2012

Student Of Honor (HMBSS)

September 2012


Culinary Arts Certificate

June 2022

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

June 2018

Official Instructor

March 2016

Hobbies and Interests

· Volunteering

· Culinary Arts

· Baking



Rachel Green, Sales Manager, Ralph Lauren, 416-872-4756,

Chandler Bing, Sales Manager, Toys R Us, 647-922-7896,

Dr. Ross Geller, Paleontoligist, New York Museum, 416-675-1236,