Dreaming Divas

April 2014 Newsletter

A note from your Director...

Hello ladies! I hope you all are doing well. Can you believe that the Spring 2014 selling season is coming to an end? It's crazy how fast a season comes and goes but so beneficial that the company gives us so much newness not once or twice but THREE times a year! This allows our customers to stay excited and engaged with everything that is changing.

As the Spring catalog ends, please be sure to check the business update on ThirtyOneToday.com regularly. Things can change SO fast with availability and we need to be able to communicate this to our customers.

With Summer 2014 starting in just a few short weeks, be prepared! We need to get our catalogs out to our customers and what better way to do so than by asking if they would want one mailed to them. I usually include a printed letter with a one time coupon so that they are more likely to purchase. Everyone likes a discount...even if it's only 10%. (PLEASE NOTE: If you offer a discount, orders must be submitted to you and you will be responsible for paying the discount. If you have questions, please contact me).

National Conference 2014 is only a few short months away! Who has plans to attend?? I can tell you from experience, you will not want to miss this opportunity! Did you know that conference attendees earn 4x more than non conference attendees? That's an amazing statistic! Last year was amazing!! Cassandra, Cerra and I had a great time! This is what Cassandra has to say about her experience:

"Being in a room with nearly 10,000 women all excited about bags ---seems crazy but it is so much more than bags! The intensity and love that saturated the World Congress Center in Atlanta for the Thirty-One Gifts 10th Anniversary conference was overwhelming! I learned so much about my own strengths and weaknesses from the awesome speakers--my faves include Gloria Mayfield Banks and Jason Dorsey. Everyone was truly celebrated, encouraged, and rewarded all weekend from the product premiere, training sessions, motivational speakers, awards banquet, team T-shirts/costumes, and of course conference shopping and all of the lovely amenities!!!! It was a worthwhile trip that was worth every penny--it was an investment in my business but more importantly in myself. The relationships that I developed have strengthened and helped me get through the lulls and keep me focused on my business goals. Columbus, here I come!"

National Conference, here we all come!! :)

I am so proud of each one of you that has earned any level of the Ready, Set, Sell incentive!! Thirty-One offers us amazing incentives that set us up for selling success! With the new products you will receive, you will be able to show your customers just how awesome our products are!

As we head into our next catalog, I would like to challenge you all to a booking blitz...text message style! It's simple! Text 10 or more people per week to book as many parties as you can for May, June, or July! This is a sample text...(My NE friends, excuse the accent. You can probably hear it in my text. Ha!!)

"Hey girl! Thirty-One's new Summer catalog will be released on May 1. I would love to get together with you and your friends to show you all that's new. How does May 1 sound?"

"Hey there! Thirty-One's new catalog starts May 1...would you be interested in hosting in May? The special is perfect for summer....50% off thermals!"


March was a great month for us Divas! We welcomed 3 NEW team members!! Please welcome Andrea Wilson from Americus, GA (Sponsored by Laura Williams), Josh Jandera from Lincoln, NE (Sponsored by Becky Kaelin), and Shelly Barton from Fairbury, NE (Sponsored by Sally Saf). Also, please welcome back Cassandra Carter from Lawrenceville, GA!


1~ TEXTING BLITZ! Text 10 or more people per week and ask them to host a show! Remember for every 10 no's you get you will get a yes! Each no will bring you closer to that yes! If you don't ask, the answer will ALWAYS be NO!

2~ Get your catalogs out! Ask your members of your closed groups if they want one mailed to them! Save your receipt...it's a tax write off!



Personal STATS

Total Team Sales: $7327.00

Total Team Parties Submitted: 15

Personal Volume: $1006.50

Total Parties: 1

Highest Party: $635.50

New Recruits: 1


Highest PV: Sally Saf ($2113.00)

Total Parties: Becky Kaelin and Sally Saf (4)

Highest Party: Sally Saf ($772.00)

New Recruits: Becky Kaelin (1) and Sally Saf (1)

Conference Stars

1 Star~ Lacey Ragin

2 Stars~ Karla Martin, Brandy Simon, Josh Jandera, Shelly Barton ($50 off registration)

3 Stars~ Cassandra Carter

6 Stars~ Laura Moore ($100 off registration)

7 Stars~ Andrea Wilson

8 Stars~ Cerra Smith ($200 off registration plus 8 star kit)

10 Stars~ Becky Kaelin, Sally Saf