VCR Presentation #8

By Georgia Thorpe

He asked for _____________ at church on Sunday for the sins he had committed during the week.


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Redemption (noun)


  1. Deliverance from sin; atonement for guilt
  2. Retrieval; reclamation; reformation

Other forms of the word

  • redeem (verb)
  • redeemer (noun)
  • redemptory (adjective)


  • atonement
  • reclamation
  • restitution


  • disregard
  • ignore
  • lose


emo, emere, emi, and emptum which means "to buy"

  • Redemption based on its roots and Latin origin means to buy back

Find the sentence that uses the word incorrectly

a) The baseball player redeemed himself when he got a home run and won the game.

b) She redeemed her Amazon Prime membership by re-entering her card information so she continue to binge watch Game of Thrones.

c) In Christianity, it is taught that members ask for redemption from their sins and that they should repent.

d) Satan is the great redeemer, he delivers people from sin according to the Bible.


Correct Answer

d; Satan is the textbook example of the exact opposite of a redeemer, he tempts people into sinning rather than freeing them of sin