About Me

Connor McDaniel


In my spare time, I'll do one of three things: make music, play video games or watch tv shows. By far, though, my favorite thing to do is make music. I play bass guitar and tuba (used to play trumpet), and I hope to soon learn guitar and piano. I'll sometimes create my own music and mess around with it, other times I'll play already existing music. I like to play Rocksmith so I can hear the drums and guitars parts while I play my part.

I also like to play video games. We just got an Xbox One, so we don't have many games. But my favorite of the games we do have is Fallout 4. I've logged a total of 3 days and 13 hours of gameplay on it. I actually stayed up until about 3:30 the other night playing it...

And my favorite tv show to watch right now is probably Adventure time.


I'm the oldest of four children. There's me, Aidan, Braye and Nolan. The youngest, Nolan, has autism.

What I would like to do when I grow up

I'm actually pretty torn between two occupations.. I can't decide if I want to be a Certified Ethical Hacker or just a video game designer.

What I did over winter break

I really didn't do much of anything. I've been either stuck at home playing Fallout, or working. I would've tried to go out with my girlfriend, but she's in the Caribbean right now.

How I spent Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always fun, but kind of stressful. My whole family and I gather in one house (kind if cramped), and we eat a big dinner then open presents.

How I spent Christmas Day

We woke up in the morning, ate cinnamon rolls, opened gifts, said our thanks, then we went our separate ways. I, of course, played Fallout...

My favorite Christmas gift

Do I really need to say it?

Vacations I've been on

The only vacations I go on are to Colorado every summer. I would love to go to Oregon though. If I were to go on a vacation outside of this country, I would want it to be to either Ireland or New Zealand.

Clubs / Activities over Christmas break

I actually didn't do much of anything..

Clubs / Activities this semester

The only extracurricular thing I'm doing this semester is probably band. Pep band and competition band are coming up pretty soon.

'Fun' facts about me

My first name was taken from Connor MacLeod from Highlander, and my middle name was taken from Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer of Bush.