We are Happy Down by the Bay

February, 2015

Happiness is Sculpting Super Snowmen

Mrs. George was thrilled to see what our class was able to do with sculpting. She told me that this class's snowmen sculptures were exceptional! We have a very creative crew.
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A Sea of Information

  • Math Assessment Needs Parent Signature Please
  • Beginning the novel of Stuart Little
  • Picture Day is Coming Again - February 26 - Information was distributed

Moving Forward!!

Math: As we complete our midyear monitoring of our reading skills and math facts, I see that the trend is our children are moving forward in leaps and bounds. It is so important to know addition facts as that will help with learning subtraction and then multiplication facts.

Reading: And in reading comprehension skills are becoming even stronger by taking Accelerated Reader quizzes and by strategies taught such as using text features, making predictions, making inferences, and going back to the text to prove an answer.

Grammar: We are learning (and relearning) about sentences and parts of speech. We began discussing subject and predicate and types of sentences. We have discussed nouns and verbs, adjectives, and currently adverbs. This will be taught the next three years most likely in that similar order. We will apply what we learn to our writing to create pieces that are organized and interesting.

If at any time, you would like to talk with me just email me and we can schedule a conference.