Barrington Resources

For Parents with Exceptional Children

Schools can play a major role in helping families access appropriate resources, services and social supports throughout their district, community, county and state.

District 220 Resources

District 220 hosts many special events for parents with children with disabilities including:
  • Transportation Night
  • Early Childhood & Post-Secondary Transition Meetings
  • TEACCH Autism Program

Additionally, the district offers assistive technology training, positive mental health services and service for gifted and talented students.

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Local Community Resources

The Barrington community offers the following resources and services for children with disabilities and their families:

  • Barrington Area Special Voices - advocacy, education and social growth opportunities to promote acceptance for children with special needs
  • Special Education Forum - created for parents whose children learn differently. Hosts expert guest speakers and local resource providers for educational events
  • NISRA Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association - provides year round recreational activities for people with disabilities
  • BYFS Barrington Youth & Family Services - develops and modifies services to respond to emerging issues in the Barrington community
  • Illinois Student Record Keeper for Parents of Students who Received Special Education Services - booklet that is offered to parents to use to keep important information about their child's special education and services

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County & State Resources

The Council for Disability Rights serves Southwestern Cook County and has the following list of programs to help parents of exceptional children in the following areas:

  • Legal assistance
  • Advocacy and support groups
  • Family resources and education

The Illinois State Board of Education's website has many useful tools for families with exceptional students including:

  • Alternative learning and assessments
  • Educational rights & responsibilities
  • Overview of Individuals with Disabilities Act part B
  • Educational technology page
  • Planning tools

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Homework Help & Tips

  • Communication is key; maintain open communications with your child's educator in regards to class curriculum and assignments
  • Volunteer in your child's classroom for a better understanding of class assignments
  • Establish a routine for how, when and where homework is done
  • Provide learning tools
  • Provide incentives for a job well done