Prompt Six- Cultural Institution

Danielle Vagg

The Geelong Gallery

I visited the Geelong Art Gallery for my fieldwork day I love the Geelong Gallery as it is constantly changing their displays and exhibitions. They have work from local and international artists. They also have some beautiful and very famous paintings by great Australian Artists, such as Frederick McCubbin.

Cultural Institution

The exhibition that spoke to me most on this visit to the gallery, was called ‘Written in light’. It was a collection of words, quotes and sentences, that were lit up.

Used in a classroom?

I think this could be a really interesting way to teach students the importance of words, and the simplicity of the works. If I were using this in a Humanities classroom, I would either show students the exhibition online, or maybe go for a gallery visit. I would then in lessons, ask students to come up with their own word or phrase, that relates to the humanities topic. Students would be required to create their words in light, and write a short story (500 words) to explain the background of their words. For example, if the humanities topic was History, and we were studying the Anzacs, very fitting topic for this year as it is the centenary of the Anzacs, students would be required to come up with a phrase or word. An example of this could be ‘Strength’. An accompanying story could be about the story of the students relative, based partly of fact, partly on fiction, telling the story of how they came to be a part of the war, and a story of the strength displayed by this person. The story will have to be based on facts true at the time. They would then decorate their ‘words’, possibly using colours, and drawings of things true of the time. This lesson would be suited to higher level classes, grades five and six, and there is a lot of room for imagination, and we would be trying to get them to use words, to visualize stories. They would be required to research and write a decent story, and older students would have the stamina and skills to do this.
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