Influences of Food Choices

By: Alicia Livingston

Physical Needs!

In order to survive there are several essential foods. When I know I will need a lot of energy I tend to eat foods high in fiber like whole wheat pasta. This fills me up and is a great energy source. Brown rice is great for energy and so are fruits and vegetables.

Psycological Needs!

I know when I am in a bad mood I tend to eat bad foods like sweets and chose not so healthy choices. I always eat ice cream and candy when I'm feeling moody! Emotional eating can lead to weight gain and many health hazards such as binge eating.

Personal Preference !

My favorite food has to be chicken. Sometimes I even put chicken in salads and pasta! In addition I really love raspberries especially around the summer time, they are so refreshing!

Food Availibility!

I find that I LOVE the taste of healthy food more than junk food but it always seems the junk food option is more convenient. When I'm really hungry (like after dance or something) it seems so much easier to just have my brother stop at Chipotle rather than wait and get something healthy at home.

Social Settings!

I've noticed that people ten to eat worse when they are out with friends or family. I know I always feel like I should be able to eat whatever especially at places like the movies, the pool, or even shopping. If I were going to the movies I would try and eat something healthy before I went so I wouldn't be as tempted to eat a lot of popcorn but could still have fun with my friends.

Society and Culture!

Around the holidays my family makes a lot of food like ham, mashed potatoes, corn, asparagus, and a lot of different types of casseroles. My favorite thing about the fall/winter is being with family and getting together for a big dinner. My church does a lot for people around the holidays and I love helping out!