The Mystery of Unicorns

Do unicorns exist?

Unicorns were found in the anicent lascaux caves in france. They were found in the 15th century and the first apparence was in the ancient lascaux caves in france. And some people say that they don't exist. But i say that they do exist because a scientist found a fossil of a animal.
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Historical Background

Unicorns were found in the 15th century and their location is in the anceint lascaux caves in france. Their first occurence was in the 15th century.

Mondern day

March 29th- they've found fossil evidence of a Siberian unicorn prancing (feltman,2016)

March 29th-human fossil found in Siberia in 2008 was dated to 45,000 years ago– may have encountered the massive creatures.(rosenbaum,2016)

March 29th- Nor are we stuck with travelers’ reports of unicorns, for the early Roman scientist/Roman encyclopedist Pliny the Elder described the Unicorn of his day as “an exceedingly fierce animal, resembling a horse.” (Kettler, 2015)

Plausible theories

1. They think it could be part of the rhinoceros family.

2. They also think it could be part of the narwal family.

3. The last thing is they think it is a horse with a horn stuck on its forehead.

What I believe?

After doing all of this reasearch i believe that this creature is real. There is a lot of real facts that unicorns do exist. The fossil that they have found has found evidence that unicorns do exist right now. If this creature dose exist where did they find the fossil? Well we don't really know were they found the fossil of the unicorn.
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