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Ain't Nobody Got Time For That SHORT VERSION
If You Give a Kid a Laptop

Connecting Students and Parents to Content

One of the new classroom management skills for 21st century teachers is how to get students to content on the Internet efficiently. Taking time for students to enter websites or clicking multiple times to get to the desired site is not helping PDAS Domain IV-8.

It's new. It's COOL. It's clunky. It's for Chrome

This is a new Chrome extension. If you have students using laptops or Chromebooks, check it out. Both you and the other computer(s) must have it installed.

Google Tone

Tools for Connecting to Websites




  • FREE
  • Group text without being IN a group text.
  • Private--no one knows your phone numbers
  • Schedule Texts (birthdays, parent reminders, holiday greetings)
  • Add attachments
  • Add voice memos
  • Insert Links
  • Text as few as 3 people. Great for reminders (pun intended) for smaller groups.
  • FREE

Click here for information about using Remind with Spanish speakers.

Apps for your phone:

Click here for the Remind App for iPhone.

Click here for the Remind App for Android.

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  • FREE(minum)
  • Online bulletin board
  • Can be moderated
  • Post links, images, videos, or upload files.
  • Anyone can post to them.

Click here for the Padlet Extension for Chrome.

For more ideas for the classroom, click here.

QR Codes

QR Codes:

Create a QR code for any URL. If a person has a device with a QR read app installed, they can scan the QR and get to the information.

Click here for information on helping parents understand QRs.

QR Reader/Scanner:

i-nigma is my preferred QR reader. Click here for the Apple version. Click here for the Android version.

QR Creators:

You have to have a plan for efficiently creating QR codes. There are two quick ways:

Click here for information on how to create QRs.

Other Tools for Getting Students to Links:

  • Google users: Consider a shared doc called "Today's Links"
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