Tracey's Trendy Treats OPENING!!!!

Tracey's Trendy Treats Sponsored by BOOM Sweets


Do you love treats and sweets? I know I do!

Come to Tracey’s Trendy Treats bakery for scrumptious treats such as pie, chocolate fondue, cake, jelly, muffins, donuts, and more come on down to our great bake sale!

BOOM Sweets letter to you

'BOOM sweets recommends you to enter this other-worldly baker with sweets out of this galaxy! All their food is fresh and organically made for you! We sponsored this extravagant and friendly baker because of 1000 different reasons! Believe me, once you enter, you won't get out!'

Bart Boomer
Founder of BOOM sweets.

Traceys Trendy Treats Location

Wednesday, Sep. 10th, 7:30am

Canada, Almond city, Maple Street, House 14.

Our luxurious bakery has comfy seats, a safe and clean environment, baking lessons, live cooking, and a section for kids!