Nara Valbuena 9D

What did you learn in the year?

In this year i learn to program in different programs, for example arduino, python and Visual Studio. This help me to improve my capacity in technology.

What topics did you like the most?

My favorite topic in this year was the use of Arduino because for me it was an easy program and help me to improve my skills.

What is your opinion about programming?

For me, programming is very important to our life´s because in a future that can help us to get a good job or an important charge. Also is important to knew the basic concepts of this topic.

Which one did you prefer C# or python?

I prefer C# because it is a basic program to sum, divide, rest and do some other calculations in your programs.

What would you like to learn next year?

I would like to use more Microsoft programs, for example excel, power point, etc because they are more useful for our life.

How was my behavior in class?

My behavior in class was excellent because i do all my works, i have disposition and i always paid attention.


I dont have suggestion, i enjoy a lot the classes.