The Great War of Casualties

The Casualties of WWI

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One Great Lie

Great are these boys who go to war

We praise them for what they have done

For they are men, and boys no more

And off they go to have some fun

This is the lie that young men see

But they don't know what happened to me

They see the war as all "Hunky Dory"

But that is all just another fiction story

War is not all it's brought up to be

Dear friends who died right in front of me,

I know not why we went to die

For what we believed to be true

Emerges to be one great lie

For no vast quarrel is worth the life of you

Michael Fortier

Effects of war

Conditions in Trenches - Dan Snow's Battle of the Somme

This Zigzag Path

This zigzag path of doom

where death will forever loom

My new home in which I live

life, I pray that it will give

We dug all night and into the morn

Our powerful energy is now worn

This zigzag path of pain

Where there is nothing for us to gain

Will one day take my life,

But also end this strife

This war to which we were sent

Has taken more than my dollar and cent

This zigzag path of death

will take my final breath

"Is that gas?" someone will ask

as we fumble on our mask

One deep breath he will take

For he knows he will never wake

This zigzag path of peace

Has granted me now to cease

And as I fly into the sky

I ask myself, "Why?"

This war in which I have fought so long

Proves to me that I was wrong

In war, there is no pride and glory

It only kills your untold story

Michael Fortier