This, Is Why You Should Read...

By : Libby Shadeck

Ever scince I was young I was either read to sleep by my parents or later I read myself to sleep. My family and I believe that reading is an important life skill. There are many reasons why reading is important! The obvious reason is that reading is the main way people learn and obtain knowledge and information. Secondly, I feel that reading is a superior way to relive stress and to relax. Lastly, reading stimulates your brain. It's surprising how one skill can effect you in so many different ways!

Reading is a fonominal way to become a better speller and writer. You will learn life lessons: if you don't want someone to treat you like that then don't treat them like that, not everything in life is fair, and sad things will happen but you have to find the silver lining in them. Lastly, when you read you will learn immense more impressive words such as, mavolous or delicious and much - much more.

This might sound crazy to you but when you read you are actually winding down your brain. Have you ever been reading in bed and then, BAM! You fall asleep with your book on your face and the light on, or your eyelids get heaveir and heveir until, splat, you're deaming about butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns dancing around you. Well I can tell you this has happened to me before so, if your having a bad day or you just can't fall asleep I would recommend grabbing a good book! ( but be carful because it's very affective!) Reading is also a great way to relive stress. But my favorite thing that reading does for you is that if you're having one of "those" days like you forgot your homework then failed a test and then just to top it off one kid fells like pushing you down in the hallway, then just pull out one of your favorite books- mine would be green eggs and ham by Dr. Susse- and sit down to read. I can garentee you will be back to your peppy self in a snap!

Believe it or not, if you read on a regular basis your memory will increase gradually. Also if your having a rough time getting up in the morning I would grab a book that will leave you on the edge of your seat and you will feel like you've been asleep for an extra hour or two. To wrap things up, if you read you will also become more focused at school and work.
Some people might say that reading takes too much time or that it's boring and even that they just don't like it. The truth is that if you consider how much you learn compared to how long it takes to learn it, then I can garentee that your time will be well spent! Also if you think that reading is boring or that you think that you don't like it then you would have had to read every book ever written to make that statement true. There is more to reading then text books and and nonfiction, there is mystery, romances, comedie, fiction, realistic fiction, ect. So don't ever say you don't like reading without trying everything there is to try.
In conclusion reading is good for you because, you learn interesting facts, reading is extreamly relaxing, and lastly, reading stimulates your brain. And,If you don't read when your young then as you age you could get Demencha! I'm begging you please pick up a book!


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