Our Gifts to Heifer International

Learn about the gifts we are able to purchase from Heifer!

How We Helped

This year Brooks had a wonderful talent show. To get into the talent show people had to give $2.00 to be able to get in. With everyone giving $2.00 we were able to raise $620 to donate to Heifer International. After viewing our persusasive posters and essays, guests of the talent show voted on which animal we should purchase through Heifer International. And the winners are: a goat and a cow! We are very proud of that. We also gave 30 flocks of chicks by doing chores and earning $1 a piece which we think, is outstanding. Here are some reasons we thought that a goat and a cow was the best choice:

Give Me A Goat

We think goats were one of the best things to donate because they have very nutritious milk because their milk has 9 more grams of calcium and protein than cows' milk. Goats can live in hot and dry places, wet and rainy places, and cold and icy places. This is a very helpful thing because goats can definitely live anywhere. Goats can produce a gallon of milk today.

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Moo For Milk

We are very impressed that we were able to raise enough money to buy and donate this very expensive animal (it costs $500!). We think cows were the best things to donate also because they are very sustainable. They can produce up to four gallons of milk a day. Any extra milk the family does not drink can be sold and provide the family with money to pay for things like education and other daily needs.

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Cheerful Chicks!

We also thought that donating a flock of chicks would be helpful because they can lay up to 200 eggs a year and they don't take up a lot of space because they are very small. We earned this money because of a wonderful, fun project we did at school, One School, One Book in which all students read "One Hen." This book inspired the students to do chores or anything to earn one dollar. And when all the students in the class each donated a dollar, that was $20.00 and that's one flock of chicks! When the whole school raised one dollar, we were able to to buy 18 flocks of chicks. We exceeded our goal and were able to purchase 30 flocks of chicks, which is 600 chicks! This is beautiful!

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This flyer was written by 4th grader Syerra Watlington and edited by Mrs. Pulliam.

Thank you for supporting our service learning project with Heifer International this year!