Blue Franklin

What is it?

overpopulation is where a country does not have enough available living space to accommodate all of it's population. A good example of this is Japan where most of the countries land is mountainous and hardly habitable.
There will always be enough public services (police, hospital's, etc.) to supports a population, providing there is enough jobs so people are able to pay taxes.
As technology improves more new jobs are made, but even more jobs are made obsolete as the more laborious jobs are replaced by automation or are simply made obsolete by modern technology. This is a more and more pressing issue the human race must face as the population of the earth will soon be 10 billion and only a very, very, very small minority of people control the overwhelming majority of money and of course the worlds natural resources.

How Did This Happen?

Overpopulation has become such a problem due too the increase in medical knowledge and the increase in peoples life expectancy. As well as humans only inhabit 12.5% of the land on Earth. So really we are only overpopulating that 12.5%, but we are short on resources to support that number 7 billion.

Some Problems with Overpopulation